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Temp Mail offers a solution to protect your primary email address from unwanted spam, advertising correspondence, hacking attempts, and malicious bots by providing a temporary, secure, anonymous, and disposable email address. This ensures the maintenance of a clean and secure inbox.



What is the difference between a temporary email or disposable email and regular email address?

Temporary or disposable email addresses are intended for temporary use and have a limited lifespan, while regular email addresses are intended for long-term use and are associated with your personal or professional identity.


What is a temporary , disposable , fake or anonymous email?

A temporary or disposable email address is a type of email account that is intended for temporary use, typically for situations where you don't want to use your primary email address or when you are unsure of the security or trustworthiness of the service .These email addresses have a limited lifespan, after which they are automatically deleted.


Is temporary email free?

Yes , is providing free temporary disposable email , where you can also receive email in the mailbox for a short spam, after which it has been deleted.


How do I open temp mail?

Just open ,you'll get access to a mailbox control panel to set options and view incoming messages. User can use it , till the time he delete or change the corresponding buttons.


Can I trust temp mail? does not store your IP-address. This means you are reliably protected from all unauthorized actions that may endanger your information and compromise your privacy. 


Which temp mail is the best? is one of the best online, free temp mail.


Can I check the received emails?

Yes user can check received emails in the mailbox.


Can i use Temp mail for Facebook?

While it is true that some people may use temporary or disposable email addresses for illegal or malicious purposes, it is not accurate to say that this is their sole use. In fact, temporary mail can be a valuable tool for protecting your privacy and reducing spam. By using a temporary email address for account registration and other online activities, you can keep your primary email address private and reduce the amount of unwanted or unsolicited messages you receive. 


How long do temp emails last?

A temp mails, disposable email , anonymous email or fake email address are short living, so it usually lasts for a few mins for upto 20 mins.


Can you send email from Tempmail?

Sending email through temp mail is completely disabled and we are not going to implement it due to fraud and spam issues.


How do I get a dummy email address?

For this purpose there are many temp mail or dummy emails generating tools on different websites. One of them is



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Utilizing a disposable, temporary email address can safeguard your primary email address from unwanted spam, advertising correspondence, and potential malware threats.